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Making the most of our summer vacation

After a hectic first semester in SIM, relaxing all summer was definitely a welcomed break for me. At least, that was how I felt until I caught up with three of my friends, who made their vacation time more meaningful by going on exchange programmes to different parts of the world.

Hearing about how they have grown through their experiences and adventures abroad has really inspired me to apply for one with the SIM Office of Global Learning. Here are some anecdotes of their trips!

Let’s start by hearing from Daphne! 


Name: Daphne Tan

Currently studying at: SIM-University of London, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Banking and Finance

Destination: BI Norwegian Business School (BI) in Norway 

evening with our student helpersLast evening with our student helpers from BI! From left to right: XinLin (Singapore), Vibha (Singapore), Nicole (Norway), Fredrik (Norway), Daphne (Singapore) and Cake (Thailand) 

Why She Went for the Exchange Programme:
“I’ve always been interested to learn about other cultures and experience the benefits of studying abroad. Being a student leader myself, I felt that BI’s course on Intercultural Management would help broaden my perspectives on leadership management styles across different cultures.”

rooftop after a barbequeOne of the last nights on the rooftop after a barbeque. We usually spend our nights together here.

Highlight of the Trip:
“It has to be the first weekend of the Exchange Programme where we experienced the midnight sun! Having 24 hours of daylight, we rafted in Sjoa, played foosball and walked along the stream at the campsite. Interacting with other students pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and be more sociable. Being immersed in a different environment made me feel more confident, adventurous and most of all, it made me more aware of my capabilities!”

boat paddlingCake (left) from Thailand and myself at the helm of our boat paddling towards the rapids in Sjoa.

Key Takeaway:
“I got to meet and become friends with people from all over the world! We still keep in touch even though a year has passed! Apart from the Scandinavian way of life, I also learned about my fellow students’ cultures by sharing daily experiences from our home countries. We also talked about languages, music and of course, homecooked meals.”

Next, Rin shared with me her South Korea experience with Korea University International Winter Campus! 

Rin Yeo

Name: Rin Yeo

Currently Studying at: SIM-RMIT University, Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Destination: Korea University International Winter Campus in South Korea 

Standing at Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Standing at Dongdaemun Design Plaza where the annual Seoul Fashion Week was held.

Why She Went for the Exchange Programme:
“As a Marketing major, I was interested in the Korean media industry. I was curious to find out more about its origins and background so I was thrilled to find out that Korea University offers a module on Mass Media and Popular Culture.”

ice hockey playersOutside the rink, we took the opportunity to capture photos with ice hockey players and exchanged contact details.

Highlight of the Trip:
“I signed up for an ice skating activity at the University and had the chance to engage with the players from Korea University Ice Hockey Team. It was my first time ice skating and it was a wonderful experience!

The players took time off to personally teach us. We were divided into groups and the players would take turns skating with us! They even allowed us to try out their mini sleds. All of us were hesitant to leave the rink when the session was over.”

Exploring Namsan TowerExploring Namsan Tower, the second highest point in Seoul, with my dorm mates and a local friend we made during the exchange.

Key Takeaway:
“The experience of being in a class where students are from different countries and backgrounds was the greatest takeaway.During classes, we debated on the moral ethics of animal cafes and if their welfare are well taken care of. The class also touched on cultural appropriation, drinking culture and media censorship issues. Although these issues have been brought up in school back home before, I’ve come to realise that the rest of the students were taught from a different perspective.”

Last but not least, Dominic also shared with me about his summer school experience at the London School of Economics (LSE) in England! 

Dominic Seah

Name: Dominic Seah

Currently Studying at: SIM-University of London, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Accounting and Finance

Destination: London School of Economics (LSE) Summer School in England 

London School of Economics

Why He Went for the Exchange Programme:
“LSE naturally came as an ideal choice for me due to its reputable summer school programme as well as its session options- which fits right into my schedule.”

LSE Strategic ManagementLSE Strategic Management Tutorial Class Group

Project Protégé Mentor

In Cambridge with my Project Protégé Mentor, Christopher Woo (right) 


Highlight of the Trip:
“Touring the University of London and going onboard the Thames River Cruise! I wanted to see the university that I’m enrolled in. It was wonderful to have Mr Timothy Wade, Director of Student Services for University Of London, personally guide us around the historic Senate House. I also had the opportunity to visit my Project Protégé Mentor, Mr Christopher Woo, who was pursuing his master’s degree there.” 

Key Takeaway:
“Besides picking up useful business concepts that I’ll be able to apply. I’ve forged beautiful memories and lifetime friendships with people from around the world. Together, they’ve made my three weeks in London even more meaningful!”

LSE Strategic Management

LSE Strategic Management Tutorial Class Group

International Programmes peers outside University of London Senate House

With UOL International Programmes peers outside University of London Senate House. This was part of my UOL Tour.

If their experiences excite you, here’s where you can sign-up for an Exchange Programme for your next summer vacation!

Till the next time, friends!


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