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Advantages of earning a postgraduate degree in Singapore

You may have read that Singapore has consistently made a name for itself as Asia’s most liveable city1. However, did you know that it is not just the excellent infrastructure and high level of safety that continue to attract students from all across the globe, including India, to pursue higher studies in Singapore? A melting pot where Indians are the third largest ethnic group, the island state is a home away from home for Indian students. You will find it especially easy to get hometown cuisine, as Indian food stalls are available in almost every neighbourhood. With English being the most commonly used language there, communication will also be a breeze.

But for potential postgraduate students like you who wish to achieve better career prospects, perhaps the biggest draw of Singapore is its status as Asia’s financial hub. Furthermore, a plan is now underway to bolster the country’s position as a leading global financial centre in the region2, which will ultimately create thousands of jobs.

Beyond classroom learning
These opportunities do not come without competition though, and more often than not, only the most skilled and competent candidates get chosen for the job. To help students meet such demanding standards and stand out from the crowd, master’s degree programmes at the Singapore Institute of Management Global Education (SIM GE) are curated to impart much more than textbook knowledge. An award-winning private education institution3, SIM GE is also one of the largest in Singapore—with a modern, fully equipped 100,000m2 campus to boot.

Sharing her experience with SIM GE, Le Tran Khanh Ly (Lily), a Vietnamese student who is pursing the Master of Science (International Business) from the University of Birmingham (UOB), said: “Our lecturers use plenty of examples and case studies, which give us a glimpse into the working world.”

Indeed, partnering renowned overseas universities, SIM GE offers a learning environment that is close to the real world. In addition, programmes are often paired with practical initiatives to make learning even more relevant to the present day. For instance, students are exposed to industry challenges through collaborations with leading organisations .

Taught by a former vice-president at Citibank and organised by SIM GE, the Analyst Training Program (ATP) was an eye-opener for South Korean student Lee Hoo Young. Hoo Young is currently taking the Master of Science in Professional Accounting from the University of London (UOL). He said: “The ATP has sharpened my analytical skills and given me real-world experience. It has increased my passion for efficient financial applications.”

Talks and workshops are also held regularly so students can learn more about trending issues from industry professionals. An example is the upcoming talk on blockchain technology that will be conducted by UOL’s head of computing, and joined by panelists who are blockchain and technology specialists. On top of gleaning insights from subject matter experts, events like this present great opportunities for students to connect with like-minded peers.

A wide range of postgraduate degree programmes in Singapore
Another striking advantage that SIM GE offers is that its programmes are developed and awarded by the respective foreign universities from France and the UK. This means that SIM GE graduates will attain exactly the same qualifications as their counterparts who studied on the universities’ main campuses. Whether your interest is in business or social sciences, banking or technology, there is a programme for you.
One popular course is the Master of Science (Economics) from UOB, ranked 15th in the UK4. Fully taught by UOB’s flying faculty, this programme provides advanced training in areas such as econometrics, development theory and policy, as well as experimental economics. Graduates can look forward to careers in academia, actuary, investment banking, consultancy and more.

For those who aspire to become online marketing managers, social media consultants, business strategists and the like, the Graduate Diploma in E-Business and Social Media from UOL (one of the oldest universities in the world) is the course to look out for.Graduate diplomas are ideal for students who wish to take on postgraduate studies in a particular discipline, but do not have a related first degree. The Graduate Diploma in E-Business and Social Media, in particular, will offer you the skills and insights to harness the power of both e-business and social media to improve organisational performance.

Career support for each and every student
Even with top-notch curriculum and rigorous training, graduates may still sometimes find it challenging to land their dream jobs due to a variety of reasons. This is where SIM GE’s Career Connect department comes in to give students the boost they need. From internships and mentorships to career events, Career Connect provides students with extensive employment-related support, ensuring a smoother transition into the workplace.

These efforts have tangible impact on students. A recent survey showed that SIM GE produces some of the most employable graduates, with 83.6% of its students having found a job approximately six months after completing their studies5.

A graduate from UOB’s Master of Science (International Business), Mellisa Safar remarked: “It has been one of my toughest battles to find a job in Singapore as an international student. I am glad I had the great support and advice from Career Connect. It really helped me to determine and find the job that I love.” Mellisa has since been working with Koku, a financial solutions company based in Singapore.

A global village
Further boosting the effectiveness of an education with SIM GE is the institute’s cultural diversity. With an annual enrollment of 19,000 students-20% being full-time international students-SIM GE is the place to grow your global network. Said Lily: “What I am really impressed about SIM GE is that it is truly international. Having classmates from around the world has improved my communication skills and built my relationships with people from different cultures. I believe that this is not only beneficial to me as an international business student, but also to students from other majors since the world is increasingly global.”

If you too are looking to expand your horizons, contact the SIM GE Representative Office to find out more about how studying at SIM GE in Singapore can make a difference to you!
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