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Why joining the SIM Study Tour is the best thing for aspiring international students

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The SIM Study Tour 2019 is coming in a month’s time and I’m super excited! Not only will I be getting to meet my cousin from Malaysia who’s signed up for the tour, I’ll also be spending more time with her and all the other participants as a student volunteer!

What’s SIM Study Tour you may ask? Well, I shall let the video speak for itself before I explain more about it.

SIM Study Tour video will be embedded here

Being given the opportunity to be part of the Study Tour is a huge privilege to me as I’m responsible for ensuring that those in high school get the most out of their time here. Especially if they’re here to find out why they should study in Singapore. So I’ve decided to list down the reasons why I believe joining the study tour is probably the best thing every aspiring international student can do.

  1. You will learn so much more about yourself
    When I first came for my study tour a few years ago prior to joining SIM, the workshops we went through really helped me decide that an education in Singapore at SIM was right for me. We were fully engaged in hands-on group assignments, and had a superb time exchanging ideas with students from different countries. The experience showed me just how much I could learn and grow as an individual when given the opportunity and exposure.
  1. You will learn about cool topics like Creative Design Thinking
    That’s right. Get ready to open your eyes to the bigger world. Taught by SIM GE Teaching Faculty, Creative Design Thinking is a design methodology that offers a solution-based approach to fixing problems. There’s also a Creative Tourism workshop which will show you how such forms of tourism can impact a country’s economy!
  1. You will make new friends from all over the world
    The SIM Study Tour also attracts participants from Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea – just to name a few. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn more about their culture and bond closer while taking part in workshops and activities together. I’ve made some wonderful friends during my study tour and we still keep in touch to date.
  1. You will experience SIM GE and Singapore like no other!
    You’ll get to experience the vibrance of campus life as an SIM student with teambuilding activities organised by the SIM Student Life Department. Then, we’ll bring you to Singapore’s must-see attractions like the Merlion and Universal Studios Singapore. We’ll visit places like Chinatown where you’ll get a glimpse of Singapore’s culture and traditions too!

If you’re just as excited as I am about the upcoming SIM Study Tour, learn more here.

See you soon!



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